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Will she wait for me?


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Hello. I will start like this im20yo i serve in the israli army i have 1.4 years left to finish after that im starting in the police force. I love this girl and she loves me like hell. When her mom found out she fought with her. She called me and told me u dont want you to talk with my girl cause u will distract her from her college She is 19 yo first semester.

I said i will try but i couldnt we continued for like more 2 months and fell inlove like hell with each other and i was considering to ask her hand by the end of the year when suddenly her mom calls me again and said i know thay you two still talk.i dont want this to happen i dont want you to distract her . We were from seperate villages cause she doesnt have brothers and her dad died her mom said i wish you were from our village . She said i dont want you to talk with her jow let her finish her 3.5 tears in collage then she will decide if u came back taht means its faith and u both are neant to be togther. I told her ok. I lied we continued speaking. Her mom asked her if we still are she said No cause didnt want her mom to find out now. And then the girl said i only want him not anyone else then her mom started yelling and being crazy and wants to do her calls history from the phone company to check if we still speak. Her uncles got mad and told her the boy is still 20. He still in his must 3 yea service. We wont accept now but once he gets in the police and has a steady job that can open a house then we will accept with pleasure. Me and my girl stopped talking like a week ago and im in deep depression. Before we seperate she told me i am a person that gets what i want. If i said i want you ill wait for you even for 10 years. I only want you and i oromise ill wait for you. We stopped talking cause she is afraid from the call history and doesnt want to be a liar infront of wveryone . Her mom is real crazy even if we apeak in secret her mom will find out. ( just to be sure we dont go to each others houses its not like this in our religion. Now i want this girl espically real bad cause im inlove with her ahe gets me . Exaclty matches my needs. The question is if she really loves me and her nephews said she really loves you. Will she wait for me a year and and almost half ? Till i get to police. Will she still wait for me and love me even if we didnt sepak atall or see eachother? Will girls like this? Will she still wait for me and not talk with otherguys?. Im thinking of like once a month send her something that im ok and im waiting for her and i still want her. What do u guys think? Please help

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