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Unsure if she's interested, maybe overthinking


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Been talking to a girl for a few weeks now talking plenty back and forth, asked her out to which she said she was busy but would really like to the week after and so we kept chatting. The week came and we arranged to meet up for a drink, we talked a bit less due to us both being busy, the day came of the date and it didn't happen and I didn't hear from her. Bummer!


Next day she messages apologising to me saying she's really sorry explaining work etc. She kept talking to me so a couple of days of talking more I thought I'd ask 1 last time about a date again. To which she said she's surprised I asked after what happened and her rudeness. But she said she would like to, that I seem nice and that it's been annoying these have been the most hectic weeks of her work.


I feel like I'm over thinking and I need to just chill or maybe she's not interested and being nice

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Have you set a day and time for the next date? I say if you have, all you can do now is take her words at the fact she's very busy with work the past few weeks. Go with the flow and see how the date goes.


If you have NOT set a a time, then maybe just leave it. Maybe she will ask you when she's free.

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Stay cool brother and don't take it so serious. This is the beginning stages where everything is so fluid. Only those who are strong and able to adapt survive. So don't try to read too much into it as you don't have much on the line as far as risk is concerned. And keep messaging other girls too.

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Bit of an update I guess, meeting up for a drink next week and she apologized again for the last time of not showing which surprised me.

Still very chatty and open so I guess we shall see what happens next week. Just fingers crossed, but thanks everyone!

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