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Any Fitness Tips?

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On days where you have low motivation, think about how good you will feel after the workout. Think of how worst you will feel if you don't. Just get yourself to the gym and do what you can. That's what I always tell myself when I'm not motivated to go. It always turns out once I'm there, I always finish my workout even if I tell myself I'm only going to take it easy today. The trick is to get there.

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I agree with everyone who tells you to listen to your body. However if you're going through a lull and generally not as motivated (which happens to all of us) a good little line to say to yourself which I find always gets me to the gym is 'This evening I can go to bed being happy and satisfied that I attempted some sort of work out, or I can go to bed being disappointed and unsatisfied with myself because I was lazy'

Again though not going to the gym all the time doesn't make you lazy, we all need our rest days! This is more a good thing to say to yourself if you feel yourself falling off the exercise wagon

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All pretty good tips presented by others. A couple additional tips:

1. A workout routine is on par with eating, breathing and sleeping. It's just something you do without giving it too much though.

2. Seek out and commit to doing a few various competitive athletic events. Sprinkle them over the year. You'll take your workout/training routine a little more serious when you know you have an event coming up.

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I find it's easier to go right after work. Don't think, just head straight to the gym and book it out of your car with your gym bag once you're there. If you're using a stationary, it great using your phone as a distraction from the discomfort/pain (I go hard). Sometimes I dread going to the gym, but make myself go because I want to be healthy and achieve my fitness goals.


Also, bring a friend regularly or motivate yourself with something. My motivation could be a drink you like, using my neckbead warmer after a shower, etc. Perhaps a sport with others would be an option? I love martial arts-very motivational.

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I trick myself by saying that I'll just keep it light and won't work so hard. I'll just test myself, and I can ditch it any time I want. That gets me dressed and in there. Then my warm up may start out wimpy, but I'll start leaning into that, and then before I know it I'm feeling pretty good and glad I tricked myself.


Sometimes I also use bribery. I promise myself something good if I'll just go in there and do what I can. Then I feel fabulous and impressed with myself for surpassing my low expectations.


Sometimes I'm motivated by seeing my friends in a class or I think of our trainer and how much fun she is.


On the rare occasion that I find myself resisting no matter what, I listen and lean into feeling like a rebel. This prevents me from shaming myself--that's worse than missing a workout, and there's no up side to it.

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When I get off of work, I'll oftentimes run by a coffee shop and get a double- or triple-shot espresso as my pre-workout when heading to go on a run or to the gym. It lifts me up enough to get a good session in, particularly if I'm feeling lazy. Many aren't able to have caffeine in the late afternoon though, so that may not work for you.

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