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I need advice.


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Hello, Me and my girlfriend have been together for 8 months at the moment, we are both teenagers, so it was going surprisingly well.. although we ran into a few problems.

The problems lays on my behalf, trust issues.


I had a past relationship to where i was cheated on and it had put me off relationships for just over a year, until i met my girlfriend and decided to give it a shot.

I was pretty controlling and was completely unfair on my girlfriend not letting her have things like, guy friends, and we argue allot.


She ended up confessing her feelings, and we had unfortunately split up.

We had a good weeks break to figure everything out and it turned out she wanted to give me another chance.


Only this time, i must improve my self esteem and get the hell over my past.

I need advice, how do i wipe trust issues under the rug? I mean, just breath and let it happen is all well and good,

but i have fears that the same will happen to me ?

Is it normal to have guy friends for a girl? I am so unsure,


Please help. thank you.


- Cam

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"how do i wipe trust issues under the rug?"


You cant. At least not in weeks time. You have to grow the sense of yourself, develop your identity and realize that the only person that could make you happy is yourself. Only then you will get that motion in you that will lessen your worries about cheating,etc.


Otherwise you could "fake it till you make it" and keep yourself busy in order not to think about what she's doing.

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Yes....most of my friends are male....i actually only have about two proper female friends and I can see why a guy would get annoyed by this. Shes choosing to be with YOU...trust me...if she didnt want to be with you she wouldn't. Jealousy is normal just grit your teeth and get on with it. Don't throw her away for your insecurities

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