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Did he want more?


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Ok so i recently posted about a date i was nervous about (that happened yesterday). Now, i must confess, i was nervous at the start but we ended up having a great time.. weirdly enough there was no awkward silences and in a strange way i felt like i was with a best friend. We went to a cafe then went on a drive and he took me home.


When we got to my house i said my thank yous and for some reason didn't think about inviting him in (i live with my mum and he knows this). We had a small chat in the car then i headed in.


Being a girl, i have tried not to overanalyze everything until the next time i see him(on Monday) but obviously i keep checking my phone and though i haven't gone insane about it... I was trying to see how he's feeling by a minor conversation we had after the date. I apologised about not letting him in and he said "geeeeez i know, it's awful! How terribly rude of you hehe" and though i know he was kidding , should i have?! I've decided to stop thinking of him incase it goes nowhere but i cant help but feel selfish. The rest of the night he sent me a few messages but ended the conversation.


Was this wrong of me?

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Just relax a little! Build up the tension. Enjoy the here and now.


You're doing ok, but dial down the texting. You have secured date 2 (good sign), so I would suggest texting in between is not required. Maybe a quick confirmation a day before the date.


Any more at this stage and you risk burning out or coming across as needy. Just see how it goes as you get to know each other properly.


Have fun!

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Was this wrong of me?


No it wasn't .. and you didn't need to apologise either. If you're still texting then I'm sure he knows you are interested .. but, at this stage, it certainly wasn't rude NOT to invite him into your home. It was the sensible thing to do given that you don't know each other very much. For all you know, the thought of meeting someone's mum after just one date might have scared him witless anyway.

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Agree. Scale back the annoying texting and then retexting to explain the texting etc. Leave well enough alone. You have a date Mon. Save the conversation for then. Slow down! Stop chasing so hard.

we ended up having a great time.. the next time i see him(on Monday)
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Haha awkward - we work together hence Monday, there is no second date as of yet. Just spoke to my friend who works in his department who said 'he stares at you constantly when you walk past. He talks to you non stop. He's into you'


Still curious about his thoughts...


Sorry to bring technology into it but he stayed at his brothers last night and did some snapchats publically but sent me the same ones personally..If that makes sense...Not sure if he wanted a reaction.


Gonna forget about it, have thankfully been distracted most of today anyway and have told myself that even if nothing happens we had a good time!

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Just spoke to my friend who works in his department who said 'he stares at you constantly when you walk past. He talks to you non stop. He's into you'


This really annoys me. It's speculation. I'm not saying it's not true but just be careful when listening to someone who doesn't actually know anything. If he is it to you, you will find out in your own time.


Just relax. There's nothing you can do but bide your time and see how Monday goes.

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