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I don't know what I've done?


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So, I've been friends with a guy for about two years now, we originally met through Work he was my manager then he left and went to another venue within our company but still remained quite good friends. About 4/5 months ago I broke up with my boyfriend which was mutual I wasn't heartbroken I healed quite quickly from the breakup.


The guy friend and myself became closer and started a romantic relationship. He was going away on a holiday and had it planned for a while, I came into a bit of extra cash and he invited me to go along with him. it was a big move for me, it was my first holiday alone without family so I was proper excited and nervous.


Everything was great before he holiday like I've never seen him so happy and made up about us seeing each other and that we were going away on this adventure. So the holiday comes, everything's going smoothly like we're not pure couple-y whilst we're away we'd only started dating I didn't wanna get too swept up. Half way through the holiday things started to feel weird he was pulling away from me, being grumpy. We still had a good time but I knew it had fizzled out.


He then took some time off work for personal reasons when we got back and completely shut me out. I get romantic situations can fizzle but we've always been great friends. I see him from time to time as we work in quite close proximity, mutual friends etc and he point blanks me. It's as if seeing me annoys him. I don't know what I've done or how to move forward.


It literally breaks my heart that someone I was so close to and had this crazy adventure with can't even look at me. Should I ask him? Should I forget about him and try to get over the fact he won't even speak to me when we see each other? Any advice would be great

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I know exactly what you feel. I have been dating a guy who did this multiple times. What worked for me was giving him the space he needed.


You could do the same thing. Give him some space, don't rush over to him and just keep doing your thing and give out positive vibes! After some time (say a few days or whatever), he will come back to you. But if he doesn't, ask him what is happening. Since you've given him the space, he would (and should have) resolved whatever issues he has. If he hasn't , you have the right to know what's happening. He cannot just keep you hanging.


I think he didn't think of this as a "relationship" relation, you know what I mean? But when you went on the vacation, he realised that is something rather serious and maybe he needs time to digest everything. If you give him space and just be the same happy self, he will get excited to start dating you properly and see what he would be missing if he backs out! This is always worked for me.


But do make sure to tell him to be direct about anything that is bothering him. Communication is the key in every relationship.

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