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My boyfriend and I ended our relationship of just shy of 3 years a little under a month ago. In the middle of our break-up he suddenly stopped talking to me and we haven’t talked since. Four days after we broke up he asked another woman out. Once they finally posted their relationship on social media, he blocked me from his accounts. His girlfriend has gone through phases of blocking me and unblocking me. I’m not quite sure how to react to this. Ideally I'd like to try a relationship again, but understand that this may not be in the card from us. I'd love thoughts and feedback from everyone, thank you in advance!

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It certainly sounds like he had it all lined up prior to the break up. It also sounds like this girl was a friend of yours, in the least a fb friend. My suggestion would be that you block them and keep them blocked until you have moved on. You do not want a constant reminder of things while you heal.


As for wanting to try a relationship again. If it is with him, you are sending him the wrong message. With someone else, you need to give yourself some time to heal after this break up and get to know yourself again without this guy that you have been with for the past 3 years.

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sorry to hear about this. ou ned to go NC with both of them. no looking at their social media etc, try to switch off from them completely. ill out this to you, however, i assmune your loved your boyfriend (i dont know why you broke up) and i would assume you thought he loved you too......but he has moved on so quickly do you think he had those feelings for you ? i dont think he did, so really you have lost nothing.

move on, take time to heal and be happy. if he does come back make sure it's what YOU want.

good luck.

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