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how to know a girl likes you or?


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this takes place in a traffic light, this happens for the past 3 months till now I'm still seeing her, I noticed this only girl stares at me without smiling from a distance not far sometimes she flips her hair when I'm around, I've checked behind me there's no one only me, I'm being paranoid and worried in the same time, does she likes me? I dress normally not that very fashionable, I would like to know before I make the move somehow. the more she stares the more I ended up liking her lol.

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Please stop reading nonsense pick up artist 'signs'. Date real girls in real life with real dating skills like being friendly, making small talk and then asking them out. Don't lurk and hide and guess.


Maybe she's a plain clothes cop looking to pull you over?

this takes place in a traffic light, she flips her hair when I'm around
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