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Hi everyone, so a little bit of background...my boyfriend of 4.5 years broke up with me pretty terribly 2 months ago and for the first 2 weeks, I did no contact and basically felt like I was dying because I thought he was the "one". After two weeks no contact, I had started to feel way better so stupidly enough I reached out to him thinking I could handle whatever the outcome of the situation (also i was in therapy and still am). He replied told me he didnt see a future with me, blah, blah and then proceeded to somehow still string me along for another two weeks and one day, I said enough is enough! I was so sick of living in the anxiety of what he would do and also so sick of waiting for him to give me the time of day. So I choked back my tears and I said we either work it out or I have to move on, he basically told me that it wasn't worth it for him to work it out. I was of course upset but I also was not expecting anything better. The whole point of me saying all this though is basically during these 2 months I was literally OBSESSED with this forum and also how to get your ex-boyfriend back and now i can so HAPPILY say, if he ever messaged me again I would turn the other way. There is no method in the world that will get somebody back if you aren't meant to be together or they just flat out dont want to be with you. Now i know that reconcilliations do happen but I want to thank this forum for allowing me to see that waiting around for somebody who may never come back is completely idiotic and I cannot believe I even wanted him back after the way he treated me, at the end and during the relationship, love can be so blinding. Fast forward, I have recently been talking to someone new and I can already say its starting out better then my previous relationship with the guy who told me that no one would want to ever deal with me haha. It's nice to have someone who ACTUALLY wants to talk to you and will give you the time of day, so I just wanted to write this post and put it out there that there is hope and you should never fight for someone who wouldn't fight for you. Thanks for keeping me sane during my break up!

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