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Are these signs that she might be interested?


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we take the same classes, and she has been giving off these signs these days


- When she sits by me side, she usually stares at me when I am distracted, but when I start paying attention to the class again she looks away really fast


- I had just come out my car and looked back to see if any of my friends was coming, and there she was, a few meters away, and she reached for her hair almost instantly. This event happened two times.


- Sometimes she stares at me and looks away,then I look at her to check her out and look away, then she starts playing with her hair.



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Why are so many guys afraid to ask a lady out?


There are billions of women in the World.....and the majority of them will not go out with you (or me) for billions of different reasons. The quickest most effective way to find out is to just ask....if they say no....just say 'next'. It's not rejection of you as a person, it's just you're not to their taste.....no problem.


Once you do this a number of times you have no problem asking a lady out. By the way be gracious if she says no.

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