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Anxious to find out.

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My name is Anthony, I'm 21. One day I was working out at the gym on a machine while scrolling through a kik chat room, there was this random picture, though it was a clean chat room, anyway one of the staff at the gym was walking behind the machine and saw the picture I saw he give out a confused look while still walking away. I was embarrassed so two weeks went by before going back to the gym but between those two weeks I've seen him outside the gym: at walmart and walking his dog so I assume he lives really close to me. Two days ago I was working out at the gym again and decided to go back to my car and get him my card to promote my new job which is a delivery service so on my way out he says goodbye but i didn't hear that at all, heard him the second time when he raised his voice and went back in to say i was coming back with a smile. Come back with the card and it has my name on it he says "Oh so you're Anthony?" I say yes and tells me his name which is Cody. We both say nice to meet you. I was noticing that he was really focus on me while smiling and very into the conversation, but the thing is he's working so he could be just good with people.



Before all that happened there were two different days when I worked out at the gym and he was too. Cody is like 6'1, nice built, cute face and really big butt, like nice and enormous. I was working out on a machine when he grabs a curling bar and stands about 15 feet in front of me so if I was to look straight forward I would be looking at his butt, which I was and there is a mirror in front of him so he might have saw that I was looking.


Another time when I was on another machine and he used the bench next to me when there were other benches available.

This all happened before we talked for the first time.



He might be gay he might not but do straight guys always make sure their butt is looking right, because he pulls his shirt up above his pants. He doesn't have any social media pages either. I'm anxious because I really think he is gay and that he also likes me. I'm afraid to get a conversation going that's not about the gym.

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