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Do we have a chance at getting back together? Help


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Me and my ex dated for around 11 months almost a year. We had what you can say a "perfect" relationship, and yeah we had a few arguments here and there sometimes but we always got through it. He was deeply in love with me as I was with him but he recently ended things. Just the day before he dumped me he told me how much he loved me and everything was fine. When he broke up with me he told me that he still can't see himself without me, that I'm the only person that understands him and that he doesn't want to lose me completely I was devastated and so confused. I'm positive that there is no one else and he assured me of that. It's about to be a week of no contact and something in me just tells me that he misses me as much as I miss him. We are perfect for each other and he knows it, he constantly reminded me how much he loved me and how I was the one. We were even planning on moving in together soon. How long until he realizes that he made a mistake? I really want him back but I don't wanna bother him or beg because I know that he's confused about his decision and overwhelmed with work, I'm just really sad

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Unfortunately, he doesn't feel the same. If he did, he would never have let you go.


Please do not reach out, as you will only hurt yourself more. He did not decide this in one day, I'm certain he had been considering it for some time.


When he tries to come back, do not allow yourself to be his therapist or ego booster. And , don't start sleeping with him, hoping that you will get him back. Don't ever give someone the benefits of a relationship, when there is none.

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I agree with the above posts! You should stick with no contact and focus on yourself. Stop focusing on wanting to get back with him.


Why would you want to get back with someone whom is willing to just hurt you like that? You should value and love yourself more before others can love you. To me, once someone makes a decision to break up with me or vice versa, it's over for good! I will respect their decision and does not matter to me why at that point. It's done.


I will never let someone whom claims to love me hurt me like that and think the relationship is going to work out the second time. The resentment is going to be too strong for it to be reconcilable.

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Exactly I know he's gonna come back and I'm afraid I won't have the courage to ignore him bc I love him so much but I also don't wanna be his doormat. And yeah I was thinking of sleeping with him to maybe rekindle some feelings since we were each other's first but logically that's a very bad idea that'll only get me hurt.

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He might not come back, OP, so don't stress about not having the courage to resist him.


Things weren't as great for him as he's making them sound. If they were, he wouldn't have left. I think he was telling you all these amazing things as a way of softening the blow, which is something many dumpers do, unfortunately. I'm sorry this has happened, in any event.


How old are you both?

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