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Opinions on strong eye contact

Tom Mellor

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Gazing into each others eyes and what's called a predatory stare are two different things. Be careful with it. Also it depends on culture since it's considered rude aggressive or creepy in many societies.



" It is an intense, relentless gaze that seems to preclude his destruction of his victim or target. Women, in particular, have reported this stare, which is related to the "predatorial" (reptilian) gaze; it is as if the psychopath is directing all of his intensity toward you through his eyes, a sensation that one woman reported as a feeling of "being eaten." They tend to invade peoples' space either by their sudden intrusions or intimidating look-overs (which some women confuse for sexuality.)



The Psychopaths stare is very effective during the luring and "honeymoon" phases. Women often mistake it as "being sexy" and for "Sexual Attraction" eye gazing occurs in copious amounts during the "Luring and honeymoon stage" at the beginning of the relationship.



Robert Hare refers to the Psychopath's gaze as "Intense eye contact and piercing eyes" and even suggested people avoid consistant eye contact with them.


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Do it sparingly, and don't bore holes through people. People who are up to no good, stare in this way.

Agree. I think if its a stranger, dont lock the gaze for too long. Follow it up with a smile or wink. Definitely dont lick your upper lip with a long tongue, as that might backfire.

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If you are not sitting across the table from her, holding her hand by candlelight, its creepy. That's my two cents. Remember, when someone briefly makes eye contact and smiles before turning a way - a smile can also be a sign of being uncomfortable. Not a big tooth smile and a handwave at you, of course.

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I resent eye contact it hurts if the female has nails and doesn't file. It can however have its place in a court of law. Just make sure when the palm of their finger meets your eye look right and left then. This is important don't blink! Till they can lift the print. Good luck

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