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I'm so confused with this guy..


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Hello loves!


I've been seeing this guy a little over two months already. I saw a lot of red flags in these two months.. but.. for some reason I know he really cares and very faithful. He parties a lot during the weekend and wouldn't talk to me during those times nor invite me (I don't drink or do any drugs, so understandable but I want to be part of his social life.. I'm an extremely extroverted person so I do fine with any parties.). He seems to be the kind of person that lives day by day and doesn't plan very much with me. So I end up being the one to initiate meet ups. Recently though, I've communicated with him how unsatisfied I was with the relationship because I feel like not a priority.. I mean it hasn't been that long, us dating. We haven't even established if we were girlfriend or boyfriend, and I find him unreliable so I'm not ready to put him in that category of a "boyfriend". But I'm extremely affectionate and giving to my partners and I usually don't hold back. Tried to break up with him twice previously due to his lack of effort/pulling through something I wanted him to do but asked for another chance. He's definitely a bit better with expressing his emotions but all these talks been making the relationship kind of a downer and stressful.


He had an intense weekend, we had a "talk" about my unsatisfaction of the relationship, which went really well and then he said he was going to hang out with his friends at his apartment (Drinking) and so that was my cue to go home (Pissed he didn't invite me but understood maybe he just wanted to hang out with this friends after the "talk" without me there but he never invited me before and I HATE being left out). He walked me out, we argued when I asked him why he never invited me.. and blah blah. So I just compromised and apologized for making him late to his drinking party, since everyone was waiting for him. He said he was going to snapchat me so I wouldn't feel left out and call me when he's done. I never got anything that night, found out the next day his friend and him got into a bad fight. (His friend got into the fight and he came in to try to help.) I came over and tried to help him be comfortable and spend good time together.


Anyways, today, he didn't text me or talk to me all day, he usually at leasts says Hi before 2pm, and sometimes I initiate it too. So I messaged him around 4pm how his day was cause I got worried, and he calls me at 6pm.. and we usually don't have much to say on the phone, he just woke up so he couldn't process lots of stuff I said.

I asked him questions about his day like how it was, how his bruises/cuts were, etc.

he sounded frustrated and annoyed when answering so I told him, I'll let him go.

Before hanging up, I suggested if he wanted me to back off for a bit, so he doesn't feel smothered or annoyed from the relationship going to ters etc.

He kind of yells at me and says, what? no! like.. do what you want! but i don't know why we have to talk on the phone for 30 minutes.

I got so confused and I said.. yeah, but that's why I'm asking you and if you want space... but he said no, I just don't get why we have to talk for so long.

I asked him why the hell did you call me then? He just said, I don't know, to say hi.


So I guess he wants me to pick up the phone when he calls and I'll say Hi, and hang up. Okay! COOL. Great quality relationship building.

Anyways, he told me to do what I want, so I deleted his number so I wouldn't bother him, to give him space. I know I'll be tempted to talk to him and I don't know if he will even text me in the next couple days. But now I'm worried he's just so tired of the relationship and this is the only thing I think will help refresh it.. I don't want to communicate my frustrations to him anymore cause it'll cause more strain. Think this is the best action to take on my part?

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The best action to take on your part is to ditch this loser of a guy! He has no respect for you clearly by telling you to leave and being wishy washy about the relationship. He sounds like a drifter someone who uses someone up until they are through then moves onto the next victim. I would block him on everything. If he somehow gets into contact with you tell him to have a nice life.


Honestly relationships should never be this hard.

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Your idea to refresh the relationship is to delete his number???

Keep it deleted and walk away from this loser!

This isn't a relationship hun, you're convenient for him when he wants some, but other then that you about him....

You deserve more then this so why do you settle for this loser of a guy?

Read your own words back...... if a friend told you all this what would you advice her?

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