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Should I ask this girl out for coffee?


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There's a girl who I've been into this semester. I'm a bit older, but I'm finishing my last year, and feel like I'm not going to have many opportunities for such a thing in school. We're at the last couple of classes here, and while I have talked to her briefly a few times, I know that there's not much time left. I'm in the library and we're working on the same assignment, so I approached her and talked to her about it. I then said I'd like to see her final project, and that she can ask me questions if she likes. She came over later and asked questions for a while and we talked.


In any case, I think she's into me, but I'm not sure. She keeps going over to a group of friends, and generally hangs out with people, so.. I'd like to ask her out for coffee. I'm not very good at this, and I'm pretty scared of doing so, especially in the library in front of people, but I feel like time is running out.


So, should I just blatantly ask her out on a date to go out for coffee at a certain time, and if so, how and when? We haven't exactly gone into deep thoughts, we've chatted about the class, but I can't really flirt, especially when her sister is sitting nearby.


Anyways, what should I do, and how should I approach her? I'm pretty sure she's into me, but I'm also scared that she may reject me, as well.

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