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I did the worse anyone can do

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I have a girlfriend. We knew each other from 4 years and we were in realtion from 2 years today i dont know why i got so much angry while going to meet her due almost no reason while talking to her i started abusing her. When she was leaving i just twisted her arm held her arm so tightly that she even got deep cuts by my nails i am verry sorry to her and i cant be with her after this i cannt do anything like this to anyone. I am trying various meathods coz i just dont want to live anymore i cannot believe that what i did even i am not able to forgive myself i just dont want to live after doing this please help me each and every meathod i am trying is not working please help me i had only a single friend who was my girlfriend i dont have any other friends i dont have any one with whoom i can talk all these so i wanted to write here.

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- You are trying various methods to do what exactly? What methods? Methods to kill yourself, did I understand that correctly?


- Did you ever get angry like that with anyone before? Have you ever grabbed or hurt anyone like that before? Or was it the first time?


- How old are you?


- Try to find an opportunity to see a counselor. Look up online and contact one in your area. Make at least one appointment to talk about this.


- Also, send an apology to your GF. Don't seek her in person - just send her a message saying that you understand what you did was terrible and you hurt her and you are sorry, and that you don't expect her to be with you, because you care about her safety. If you feel this anger a lot, then indeed stay away from her so she can be safe.


- But not wanting to live is too much. Sometimes we make mistakes and take wrong turns - sometimes very very serious mistakes. The important thing is 1) to issue an apology; 2) to understand why you did it; 3) to resolve whatever it is that caused you to do it. With 2 and 3, professional help can be helpful.


If you absolutely cannot get any therapy, just be by yourself for some time. What you did was very wrong, but you didn't kill anyone. You can pray and seek Divine forgiveness - it is there for every one of us. There is such a thing as Forgiveness. We don't have to kill ourselves because of one bad action, even if it was very bad. You can also work on yourself and become better. If you do some volunteering and try to do good things for people and help others, it can help to feel better.


Killing yourself would be making it worse, - it's like committing a crime. If you did something bad, why would you want to do something even worse on top of that? You are not the Creator - you did not make this body; so you don't have the right to kill it. It will *not* make you better. But doing good things in life will make you better and with some time will restore you to how you want to be. There is Hope.

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