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Help me plz :(


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So I knew this married man online and he never told me he was married until our 3rd date. I immediately wanted to end everything but he didn't let me and kept making excuses and how he and his wife are not happily married, now I found myself in the middle of this relationship where I really like him but I feel uncomfortably guilty and whenever I try to end it he won't let me and tell me all the good things girls like to hear. I RLLY DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. HELP ME PLZ

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"I'm sorry you are married and I need to end things for that reason". Then you block, delete, go no contact and get back on the dating app to meet single men.


Is sleeping with another woman's man worth hearing some false flattery?

told me he was married until our 3rd date. whenever I try to end it he won't let me and tell me all the good things girls like to hear.
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It is a CHOICE to end this relationship with this married man! You have to stop making up excuses that he's not letting you break up with him. It takes two to tango. You are just as guilty as he is for being involved with him.


Doesn't matter if he tells you all these flattery things, that's his provocative! You on the other hand needs to put a stop to it. Just put it this way, if he's cheating on his wife, what makes you think he won't cheat on you?


I've had this guy that was married that did the same thing to me, I told him straight out when I found out he's married, to NEVER EVER call or talk to me again. I also told him, regardless of what he said, I'm on his wife side, I will never date or get involved with a married man. End of story. I block delete and moved on with my life.

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He "wont let you" end it? You dont need his permission. You end it. You remind him he's married and therefore you are over and done. Block him from contacting you every way you can. What BS about an unhappy marriage, that's an age old tired line guys give women they want to have sex with on the side. Stop being that person.

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ok well the only one who would lose here is only you he waste your time and you gonna realize if not now may be later it was a big mistake especially if he has kids you dont need to be the reason of making split of a family to seperate a father from his kids wife from her husband and mother from her kids even if he love you and want to marry you and he is ready to do anything for you to sacrifice everything its insane life even after marriage may be their kids will dislike you if they were too young the answer is do not even dare to look at his face when you meet him in the street or say hi or talk to him he is a cheater

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I immediately wanted to end everything but he didn't let me

I feel uncomfortably guilty and whenever I try to end it he won't let me

I honestly don't understand this. He's not holding a gun to your head. You don't need his permission. The power is in YOUR hands. But it seems you don't want to end it. I think you enjoy the ego boost and the attention, right?


Seriously, it is so simple: Tell him you don't mess with married men, block and delete ALL contact and mean it. But the big question is: Will you?

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It's not up to him, it's up to you when to end it.


Do you mean he cries like a little beyotch and then goes all flattery on you when you try to break things off? Yeah, that's not him preventing you from leaving. That's just you not simply blocking and deleting him after one text that says a restraining order is in his future if he tries to contact you again, ever. Then you ignore him, but be serious about that restraining order.


You are not a leaf on the wind or some hapless heroine in a bodice ripper novel. You need to learn to say no to people anyways, everyone needs that skill, so just say NO. Mean it. It is a complete sentence. You can add other more salty language to it as well, but someone boohooing on you or throwing a tantrum is something you need to learn to say no to.


Otherwise that's just a flimsy excuse you're using for getting involved with a married guy. Come on, grow a spine. It's not up to others what you do, you're the one responsible fully and only for your own life.

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You could also channel Madeline Khan's behaviors and mannerisms in Young Frankenstein. A few times of "Taffeta darling" and "Not the Hair" coupled with no sex, because you don't do that before you marry the fellow will likely be more than enough for him to suddenly "let you go."


[video=youtube;MFEKR9p33qA] ]

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Yeah he did not let me. He took my phone and refused to give it back. How should I walk away without my phone ?!


Put one foot in front of the other, and repeat. When you're far enough away, start screaming, "I've been robbed! Please call 911! That man just stole my phone!"


Get the police involved, and let him excuse himself to them.

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