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Sorry guys i don't know how to post a link of the original thread but


{hey guys just need some advice on the the fact me and my ex fiance aren't talking and its been 3 days now but really need to know if i should text her. So to start it all off we have been texting before but not frequently as we use to, not sure if its because of school but she texts me late in the afternoon never in the morning unless i text her. And what i notice is that she only texts me for my opinion on things or about whats gong with her in school but when i bring up fun memories of the past she ignores it or gives me one word answers and never engages. Also would like to mention that i now i try to do nice things for her like when she needs help to study or when she texted me to help her with her groceries but even though i feel like I'm being used i just go with it because i want to show her that i love her. For example ever since we started communication she hasn't even asked me how my day was at work or school and it bothers me because i feel like I'm trying but she isn't. The plan was to start off as friends and build from there but lately its just been me trying and doing what she needs and not even a scrap of emotion is present. As for arguments go she always pick fights with me about the things that i do that annoys her like if its not me being happy for things that i like or if i ask her how her day was. Yes you heard right an argument because i asked her how her day was. To go more in depth on that day we had a small argument when she texted me at 7pm (the first text of the day) so after class me being the bigger person i called her just to ask her how her day was but before i could ask her she just started talking about her homework and how she's going out with her friends during the weekend. So after she finished i asked her how her day was and she said it was ok and i said just ok and she blew up and says" i go to school and come home so stop ing asking" and during the whole cursing she was doing i said alright and hanged up on her. This was at 10pm when i got out of class. (she does that a lot where if I'm at her house she would want me to help her do groceries but during the same night i tickled her feet and she got mad at me) So as I'm walking to the train she sends me a photo of a jacket minutes after i hanged up on her and i just ignored it because i pissed because she always talks down to me and i was tired of it. So after i get home its now 1145 and she texts me if i was sleeping and i didnt reply and went to bed. So we go a day with talking and she texts me a photo of an ice-cream place in the afternoon and i dint reply but i waited till i finish my class and she texts me "u back to your not answering let me now cause it won't be a problem" and i texts and "i told you before that i get out late on thursday and its my busiest day" and she said that she texted me since that night and i told her that i left her alone to give her space since she was annoyed with me and i with her. I also mentioned that i did see the ice-cream message but i was in class and she said " whatever" and i said " sure thing." So now it's sunday i feel like I've made a mistake but at the same time i don't. She did ask me to help her study last week for today but hasn't even contacted me just feel like she really doesn't care about me or how i feel on the matter.}


just wanted to send a link of the original thread but couldn't but wanted to add that she texted me after 10 days of no contact saying if my job sells some product and after 9 minutes of me not responding she texts me saying sorry wrong person. Really do feel like breaking the no contact that I'm doing but today at work i somehow couldn't stop thinking about her. Its just weird that i couldn't stop thinking about her and she texts me. Not sure what this means because its been 10 days and i know that some ladies send weird message just to get attention.

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