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Hi everyone,


Prompted by some recent events (an emotional meltdown in a restaurant, due to some unsavoury comments by my partners parents about my health issues) and a thread on here I have been given a kick up the butt to turn my attentions to myself fully. To intensively focus and address my mental and physical health needs within a short period of time.


I had my last session with my counselor on Tuesday and told her I will be seeking a 12 week DBT course to really get stuck into turning my life around. Then yesterday I committed to focusing on improving my migraine management. I'm just so sick of half living my life. I'm going to do this. If anybody else is ready then feel free to join me. We can do this!

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Thanks all. My search for a therapist isn't proving very successful so far but I have a few months before I will be starting so I have time yet. The therapist I want isn't taking enquiries until October! She wasn't exactly local either.


I will keep searching and write a list of all I hope to achieve from my therapy

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