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Hey guys! i post abt this guys a while ago but if u cant remember


i've been going to the gym for 4 months, i go almost everyday of the week except for monday, saturday an and sunday.. one day i went to the GYM and this guy was there working out! well.. i started to notice that he was just the guy i physically like, he's tall, beard.. nice body omg he's NOT the handsomest man but i feel attracted!.. one day he noticed me because we started to make eye contact! since then, every time he was there, we made eye contact but never talk.. but one day he said hi to me and i think he was trying to talk to me because he asked me what brand my headphones was, i was super shy! i throw a short answer and walked away xD!! i did not take advantage of it suddenly he stopped going to the GYM...don't know why but life goes on right? i'm still going everyday.. but yesterday i SAW HIM! working out as usual.. again we made eye contact lol but he didn't talk to me and me neither. at some point we were side by side working out and he just say ''hi'' i barely hear it.. and i dont know if he's not interested or he's shy as well.. but i am super super shy too, i want to talk to him, like have an actual conversation.. i dont even know his name.. ANY THOUGHTS? what can i do to make him talk


When we make eye contact i feel like there's something! like its not a usual eye contact.. it seems like he wants the same but i am afraid to be the one initiating


Sorry for my bad english but english not my native language

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Don't pick up guys at gyms. He's being friendly that's all. Go there to work out. Get on dating apps to date.


If he wanted to date you you would know. He probably has a gf, so just be friendly and stop gawking at him.


Have you read this book?: He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys


In French: Ce que pensent les hommes

In German: Er steht einfach nicht auf dich

In Spanish: Que les pasa a los hombres

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If you like him, talk to him. He has tried to say hi. My advice would be to start thinking of him as just another gym goer, work out, say hi, work out.


I don't go for the 'He's the man, he will let you know if he likes you' BS cause we can't all be placed in the bucket that book tries to.


Perhaps he is just as shy if not moreso than you. Keep working on a friendship with him and see where it goes from there.

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