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Is there still a chance for us or we're just to settle as friends?


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Okay so I met this guy on tinder, initially what I just wanted to do was to hook up, well we did, after chatting for a few days.. but after we did it he asked me if we could go further in a relationship.. i didnt want to, because I just came from a longterm relationship and I've been single for like a year, but this guy was something else and i just said yes after he asked so many times. He told me his ex and him were on a rocky relationship for the past year and theyve broken up in January. I thought when after the hooking up we werent gonna talk anymore but he kept in touch and eventually i fell for him. But after a few weeks his ex suddenly appeared on his facebook wall and posted "did you miss me?" And i saw that, i told him whats going on but he deleted and blocked me. Okay that was really out of the line but after one day, just overnight he unblocked me and acted like nothing has happened. I told him if you really still love her go on and just leave me alone. I left him like 2-3 weeks but he appeared again and turns out the girl didnt accept him anymore because she found out about me for some reason. (He posted a photo and i on MyDay on facebook messenger and some of their common friends told the ex about it.


So lately we're back to talking again but just friends... i feel like hes been dating a new girl though still talks to me. He asks me out and everything and i gotta admit i still have lil feelings for him.. i told him that ive been seeing another guy and he said hes happy for me etc but hes not admitting that hes been seeing another girl.


I feel like we have this lost love that i want to go back to.. we were so happy before the ex went to the scene... i dont know if i should see him again, because i know for a fact he doesnt want to continue the relationship anymore. Am i being stupid to think that we still have a chance? Hes been telling me we're not on the same level (i have a established career already and hes just graduating college) he's a good guy, and i felt like he was just confused because of the ex. Ugh... am i stupid? Should I just let him go and stop talking? If we continue being friends is there a chance that he'll fall for me? Ugh idk i just couldnt let him go..


Please be honest here i really need to know whats really going on and what i need to do. Thanks.

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Unfortunately when an ex is still in the picture, you can get hurt. Best to cease contact and move on rather than have him bounce back and forth. Don't be friends or any other confusing variation of that. Just end it go no contact and delete and block him.

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You know for a fact that he doesn't want to continue the relationship any more. Ditch him. Completely. His behaviour has been too inconsistent for anything good to come out of it. Plus, the 'not on the same level' is such a lazy cope out excuse that it should tell you that he is indeed not good enough for you. You need to stop blaming his ex. HE was the one who pulled an 180 on you NOT his ex. A man of quality wouldn't pull nor say all that crap. You need to forget the honeymoon stage. This is who he is.

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