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I'm so confused as to what he wants


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Someone please tell me if this is for sure over. My fiance and I broke up this past Tuesday. To make a long story short it came down to it had trust issues and he hated that. I had valid reasons for my trust issues. Me being the nosey person that I am after the break up I logged into his fb account to read his messages to see if I could see him say anything about coming back or wanting me back. (He was the one who left) well as of friday this girl that hes friends with and I used to be friends with were messaging. (She's pregnant by another man) well they were talking about how neither one of them have had sex for a while and they agreed to have sex with one another. (We've been broken up for 3 days!!) Well then on his Instagram he was messaging another girl he went to school with thats also pregnant talking about them having sex. Well I had our mutal friend message him and ask him what he was doing now that we were over. And he told our friend that all he wants is **** buddies and no relationship. He had the opportunity to go to a girls house Saturday night, but didnt... (why not??) He apparently also told our friend that he feels suicidal. When he came this morning to get our daughter he saw that I had packed up his clothes for him and seemed really offended. And then when he left he hugged me goodbye. Now that we are no longer together he won't be able to see our daughter but maybe once a week for a few hours due to his work schedule. Or his other daughter every other week. Because he has no one to watch them late at night when he's at work. I'm so confused if he wants just FWB and had the opportunity why didnt he go?? And if hes the one who ended the relationship why get offended when I pack his stuff for him to take?? Please someone give me some clarity as to if you think he will be back

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