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Where to go from here?

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So six months ago I met this guy who was thrilled me. Took me out on dates. Made me laugh and made me feel like I meant the world to him. Fast forward to four mths later. We had sex. Then things shifted. He called and text me every single day but dates? He never asked me out anymore. I broke up with him then we got back together. I went to his house the past Wednesday. He always plays football on Wednesdays and he asked me to come with him. He also introduced me to his friends. And we kinda connected more. He also was thoughtful enough to give me some cash to take care of a few things.


However, he always seems to go out these days but has not asked me to go out with him. I am wondering ,am I just wasting my time with this guy?


PS. We live in two diff cities

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Something is off here - you are now back together and he gave you money -why? Why would you ask him for money or take money from him in this situation? He sounds like he is not interested in dating you but enjoys hanging out and hooking up when it's convenient for him. If you are looking for someone who wants to go on dates with potential for a relationship it doesn't sound like he's interested. I do wonder if maybe he doesn't ask you out anymore if you don't pay for yourself or treat once in awhile? I ask because of your taking money from him.

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OK girls.. Thanks for the response but yea. I do take myself out on dates. Or go out with my friends sometimes.


I guess I made a mistake when I took money from him.


I spent two years being single then I met him. And I kept thinking and working on me to ensure that this one would be diff but...

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Unfortunately it sounds like a disorganized mess. Why aren't you planning dates? Or inviting him to see you?


And never take cash from a guy who you are sleeping with but do not have a defined relationship with.


Why did it take 4 mos to become intimate?

Took me out on dates. four mths later. We had sex. he asked me to come with him. He also introduced me to his friends. And we kinda connected more.
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