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Couldn't perform during our first few encounters


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Okay, so please ignore this if you commented on my other thread. I hope people don't get mad I'm doing this. I'm hoping that shortening it will gain a few more replies and stay on topic. I know long posts can turn some off.


Ive worked this from a few different angles, but to keep it short here it goes. This is mainly for the ladies out there. A big thank you to Dahl and 485HPLady for heir insight to this point.


Quick background for what's it's worth: I am 29 years old. I am athletic and toned and am close to 7 inches fully erect. I am not self-conscious from that angle but I am vastly inexperienced. I have only had sex with one girl, my ex from college, and have not had a sexual encounter in close to 6 years. I have always, even back then, had a nagging fear that I cannot satisfy a woman. My first college girlfriend broke up with me I personally think because I could stay hard when we tried to have sex the first few times after being together for 3 months.




If a guy you were really into and had great chemistry with for the 3 week period you were first hanging out, if he had trouble performing the first few times you tried to have sex, as in he would go soft but ONLY at the time of insertion, would you immediately lose interest the guy? What would you think is the problem? How would you act moving forward towards him? (Keeping in mind the issue wouldn't occur at any other point where there was intimate contact between the two of you)


Once you have answered that truthfully, see my other posts to gain the full perspective if you would like on my situation. If I could make any request, it would be for you to answer the above question, then before posting, read my other thread and see if that changes your opinion of why this girl has gotten very distant from me and post the responses on the same reply.


Again, if you know my story by now, then I apologize as this may seem redundant. Feel free to help others around here who need it more than I do. Some if the regulars have given me more than enough of their time. I'm just trying dissect the one element that is eating at me the most right now and could use as much insight as possible.



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