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Male friend of mine contacted me and asked where I live


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This is a guy I went to college with and I see on a daily basis because he is a public bus driver and I catch that bus to get to work. So tonight he sends me a message asking where i live and do they have anymore vacancies? First of all I don't want to live in the same building as someone I am friends with like this is a dorm. And I thought he lived in a house so why the hell is he trying to move in here? Is it wrong I hope his application is rejected? lol


It probably won't though because he makes close to $100,000 so his credit won't need to be that high. But I am just not that crazy about living in the same building as someone I know.



I thought he was asking where I lived because he wanted us to so something this weekend not move in the building I am living in. SMH

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