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We broke up relasnsip in aug2016.after that we had little talkng nd in octobr whn i approachd her she had a new bf.i didn't contactd her nd 6 days later she texts she misses me bt when i want to talk to her she talks for 2 to 3 days with intrest and again fades away as normal friends.every time i try to move on and delete my whats app account she cals me nd starts talking with me.she meets me once in month.but often she postpones our meeting making nonsense excuses.she also says she dont love her new bf she is jst not able to quit her new bf .is she playing mind games or she realy wants me??plz help

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Yah, I'd say mind games.


Not sure how long together? Could be she wasn't 'ready' to move on again.. not over you?


But.. missing someone, doesn't mean they want you back.


With her

1) having a new bf

2) showing interest & fading


Remove yourself from this... now & forever.


You don't need someone like this in your life while you're trying to heal and move on with YOUR own life.

She is being dis respectful and selfish.. since she's seeing someone new now.


Dont play her games!


Take care of YOU.

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