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Don't know what to do and feeling extremely lost


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So I've posted before that i had wanted some advice on me an my ex fiancé who have been separated for two years but we were together for 5. I reach out to her in February because i needed closure and found out that we broke up because of miscommunication. She would say things she wouldn't mean like saying she doesn't need me and in all the fights we've had she had only thrown the ring at me twice and she would kick me out. in the end i believed the words she said so i left with a broken heart which in the end caused her life to shatter as well. after two years i reached out to her and we spoke and she told me she still love me but as time went by she told me she wants to start off as friend and build up from there because she feels we've both changed and she wants to get to know me as i do her, similar to how we started in high school. We text everyday and sometimes i spend the night at her house and we have fun at times watching tv. There was even at time we were playing and it led to us having sex. As much as i didn't want to deep down in my heart i still loved her so i wanted to show her, but i still get this vibe that she isn't interested in me and then she gives off the vibe that she doesn't want to spend time. for example when we argue and the past gets brought up she gets mad at me and say maybe we should even talk or be friends. But then she tries to make plan with me like vacation trips and going to the movie. her texts at times are bland and we never talk about us just school or things that interest her nothing funny or flirty but still try by calling her beautiful and making small dates. So time has passed and things have been ok i just feel lost. Like ever since we had an argument and she got mad at me for defending myself. The argument was about how she says i get excited for silly things just because i was excited that i had a day off from school and work and i texted her "I'm glad she knows lol" and she replied that she didn't mean it as a good thing for her. so i messaged her about the exam that i helped her study for and wondered if she was worried and she just got mad at me saying she doesn't care and that when i get to a four year college all my happiness will go away.so i defended myself by saying that what i find exciting is like an enjoyment not something silly, and she said she doesn't ing care, that i can be happy for whatever and she really doesn't care, and we stopped talking for two days. On the third i message her saying that just because we had a small argument shouldn't be a reason for us not to talk and she said "she's not thinking about that that she has other stuff going on in life" so i left her alone. So i stopped initiating the first text and she's always been texting me randomly like what time i get out of work and just some messages that i didn't ask her about like school and she sent me a photo of a recipe that she was going to make and for me to come over so we could both eat it. But yesterday i helped her go grocery shopping (I didn't pay) because she hasn't been eating properly because she needed help carrying everything so i went. After i helped, she cooked for me and we watched comedy shows and we talked about stuff and she wasn't being mean to me. She even wants to go see my mom again just like before when we were together. But during the night like i tickled her feet just to bother in a playful way to have fun with her and she got mad at me as if she didnt want me to touch her so we just continued watching tv till we went to bed. And in the morning i rushed out the house to head to work and i texted her "just wanted to say i love you before i left" and she didn't even message me the whole day but really just wanted to let her know how i felt, But at times i feel like something in my gut is telling me that theres someone else. I've even taken the length of speaking to a counselor just because i've been suffering from depression. Really just need some motivation and a prayer if possible.

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