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I feel so tired of life, what should I do?


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Hey, I'm completely new to this website (and these kinds of forums for that matter), but here we go I guess.


I feel like my life has no point anymore, it's like I'm just existing, no joy, no happiness, mostly just numb and sad.


And I do know why I feel like this, but there's not really anything I can do about it and it all just feels so hopeless. About a year ago in PE, I was running, fell and smashed my knee in the asphalt, and haven't been abme to walk since.


I've had several MRI scans, ultrasounds and X-rays, been to two physiotherapists and a bunch of doctors, but now nearly a year after I first got injured I still don't have a proper diagnosis. All we know is there are calcifications, innflammation and scar-tissue in my knee, but most of this is probably just due to inactivity.


And it hurts so much, I struggle to sleep at night and to concentrate in school. And I've lost nearly all my friends, because I just don't have the energy to go out and do stuff. School is draining me of the little energy I have, and besides I'm no fun to hang out with anyway, I'm just a burden in my wheelchair.


Well, back on track: Things like playing soccer, doing downhillskiing and horsebackriding, and swimming used to be such a big part of my life, it basically was my life. I spent all my freetime on these sports, training or exercicing nearly every day. I had so many plans, I was going to start competing in downhill skiing again, focus even more on soccer during summer, I was offered to own a horse 50/50... But then I got injured.


Now I don't have anything to do anymore. I've been trying to get more into gaming but all it really does is pass the time.


I wake up, force myself to get out of bed, go to school, try to get through the day, get home, and then? Nothing. I have nothing to do. And I dont have the energy to do anything either.

I just feel so constantly tired, physically and mentally.


And I dont know what to do, please help...

(Sorry this thread is such a mess)

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i know what I'm going to say isn't going to change your prospective view about life, but i wanna tell you something about myself, I'm currently on my bed in critical pain, i have trigminal neuralgia which is known as suicide diease.. because most people who have commit suicide and cannot bear the pain, i was also diagnosed with severe depression anxiety and bipolar not one single day i have waken up without pain, not one single day i have taught about dying so i could be in less pain than possible, better to be dead than walk around like the zombies from walking dead, i had no hope i hated outside world isolated myself for almost 6 year's since my best friend from childhood died, my brother was in the army and killed in iraq war, the girl i loved married someone else in front of my eyes and i couldn't do anything and didn't wanted too because i wanted her to be with someone who is healthy and happy...


i started to go the gym, working out and i just wanted to lose weight but it did a number of things for my health made me strong rebulid my focus on life, i no longer have suicide in mind i have pain but accepted this life god has given me, because i can't say I'm suffering there's more people than me out there some who have cancer alhaziemers who are battling it back and fourth and hoping to live longer, kids in sick kids hospitals and make a wish foundation have every reason to live but some of them die, it's a cold world to believe in health care system I've gone to all over the canada globe to get help and nothing so i started to ask god to help me and help all people suffering and in poor conditions...


if life is getting boring try doing thing's different, try doing thing's that make you happy rather than the world, chase your own dreams and hobbies and instead of living for others, try going to that distance, meet new friends get a girlfriend, but if you get all emotional nothing will change, start going to the gym and start pushing weights, your life means something because youll give it a meaning, either you can be a coward and complain or become a champion drop and give me 20, nothing should ever stop someone so determined, stop laying around like a dead body and get out there and enjoy your life, your the one who put yourself in this phase now use yourself to get out it, what also helped me was traveling photography and making new friends along the way


i was a lot worse than you in health condition and i taught many times i was going to die... but I'm still living because no giving up, I'm stronger than pain and so are you brother

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Not my forte, so all I can really suggest is continue seeing medical health professionals and hope along the line someone can help you.


That said, don't let your injury be the end of your enjoyment of life and the things you enjoy doing. There's plenty of people out there who have gone through similar experiences and come out on top, even become athletes.

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