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Is this guy just shy or not interested? HELP plz!


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I facepaint & showd up @ work in paint for hallowen last yr. After hallowen, He came to me sayin he wishd he'd asked me 2 paint him as a lion. I noticed how attractive he was, then started crushin. One time, came to my work-room & offered to buy me somethin from the store with his own cash. Which he's NEVER done b4 so I was really excited. 6 mths later, I ask him for his pic so I can practice my Lion. He says, "ya we will have to do it for real some time". He said he'd send me a picture, but I wait 3 mnths. HE KEPT COMIN to ME and apologized 4 not sending me the pic yet. I say its okay, no worries, & even offer that he doesn't have to if he didn't want to because he regularly apologizes-promises. He thanks me for saying that, but still re-commits to send the pic. 2 wks later, we meet eyes & I look away, thinking he's not interested, & he follows me on my way out, calls me to wait & asks me (rather nervous & exasperated) what kind of pic I want and I say, honestly, I JUST really want him as my model. His eyes dilate & he seems kinda shocked & says" I will just send it" - I say ok, smile and leave totally excited. Next day, I decide to just initiate a meetup.


I say "im off work early and have some free time, and was wondering if I could facepaint you or take a pic." and he's like " I'd love to, but Im helping my sister with her yoga class, BUT ID LOVE TO, SOME OTHER TIME." (then continues) "When R U next free? So I tell him the best day for me is next tues, and he responds, "you knw that would actually work best 4 me to" Then I say, great see you tomorow at work. He kinda laughs and says take care. ... HE DOES NOT show typical signs of interest at work. He doesn't try to get close to me, sit near me, or even come talk to me. It's only when I am within bubble space that we meet eyes, smile and says "Hi natalie, how are you". He doesn't seem to face me, get nervous or sit directly across from me ever and doesn't stare at me for more than 3 sec (at least that I have caught).


He seems really nice to everyone? Playful and teasing with the students at our work but not around me. He acknowledges me, but doesn't really smile, kinda turns away and acts disinterested or focus' on someone else. Its so hard to read him. HE HAS lingered though, after we talk, like it seems as if he wants to talk about something (my guess might be the facepaint picture)



is he interested? why does he show conflicting signs? or is he just being nice?

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If he's playful and teases others, he's not that shy. I think since he doesn't do this with you, it means he knows you have a crush on him and he doesn't want to lead you on. I'd start treating him like any other co-worker. Most guys who like you would ask you out within 2 months of knowing you.

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