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This story is long one so bare with me. I'm in college right now so I've been checking out the dating scene . I dated a guy but that relationship went astray, soon after things began to spark with my good friend who was there for me through everything. Things seem perfect with him at first but eventually I noticed something strange. He would always stand me up even on valentines day after I went all out for him with a great gift. I got upset and expressed my disapointment and he didnt like what I said so he ignored me for like four days as I begged for forgiveness even though I didn't do anything wrong. After we made up, we began a relationship and we hooked up not sex but everything else. I got super attached after the hook up which scared him away and made him break things off with me and ignore me. We made up again after that because I contacted him on his birthday and he stands me up again on his birthday, I was supposed to take him out!!!! He said he got caught up so after him apologizing I forgave him. We set a date to go out before I went on spring break and he stands me up that night also due to him being tired. We go a week without talkin . Then I contact him to be friends. Things went well and he seemed truly sorry for his treatment of me but eventually we started flirting again and I catched feelings. He tells me he likes me and cares for me but ignore my texts, lies to me, stands me up, and said hes afraid of commitment. Im super nice to him but get treated like dirt . So I told him to just let me go if he can't treat me right and all he said was " Ok ill let you go". Im so hurt right now, I don't know what I did wrong. I feel not good enough. What to do now and how to move on from this? Was I wrong in any of the situations? Why did he act this way? Im so sorry for the length.

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Unfortunately not only doesn't he want to be in a relationship he doesn't want to be your rebound. It sounds like he keeps trying to dial it back to friends or fwb.

Hopping in bed with a friend whose shoulder you cried on about your breakup only delays the pain of the breakup, so deal with that because this guy just got caught in the middle of all that.

good friend who was there for me through everything. He tells me he likes me and cares for me but ignore my texts, lies to me, stands me up, and said hes afraid of commitment. all he said was " Ok ill let you go"
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Thank you for your reply . However, he chased me in the beginning and I tried to steer away from it. Eventually I gave in, but I was well over my ex when I started dating him. I agree with everything else you said though. I'm on day 3, but I'm still hoping he texts me so I can ignore him. I know it sounds stupid I just wish he realized what a great catch he lost. I'm sorry I know I was stupid.

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I understand where you're coming from. Yes, it hurts to feel rejected, especially when you did nothing wrong. You are good enough. Remind yourself of that. And remember, you're not missing out on him. He's missing out on you. You did everything you could to make things work but he kept disappointing you time and time again. You don't want someone like that in your life. You apologised when he's the one who failed. He's shown you who he is and he's probably not gonna change for you, no matter how good you are, unless he wants to change.

I can't say why he acted that way but actions speak louder than words. Also, if he said he's afraid of commitment, take his word for it. I suggest you leave it be. Don't fall for it if he decides to come back. You're much more than a doormat and a safety net for him to come back when he's "ready." Try to avoid talking to him or keeping updated on his life. Give it time. Take this time to focus on yourself, cry a little, and do things that make you happy, that you enjoyed before you were with him.

The process is hard but before you know it, you'll forget the pain.

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