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So I want to know if any of these are hints that this person likes me. Also I like her so should I maybe ask her out? I'm not all too experienced in this kind of stuff.



1. She makes jokes about us dating. For example there was one time where someone walked by and asked my other friends who were dating "How's the couple doing." And the person who maybe likes me, lets call her K, hugged me and replied "we're doing fine".


2. Holding hands. So our school has a movie club and K always holds my hand during movie club.


3. Dating not-really jokes. There also times where she says things about us dating that aren't really jokes. For example some friends kept telling us that we should date and she replied with " maybe when youre caught up with one piece" which she knew i was close to and am caught up now. Or another time where just out of nowhere she just told me " youre the most qualified person to date me".


Those were just some examples but there were more. Idk. Maybe these are really obvious things, maybe they aren't. Any replies would be helpful and thank you for reading through my post.

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