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For everyone hung up on the idea of soulmates:

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Watched it. Great advice, (everything) happens for a reason. A reason we ultimately don't know, but it is for good.


Absolutely. I think a lot of us here including myself who really believe in connections like this get totally obsessed with trying to control our losses and it's just not really possible. The best thing to do really is to just stop trying so hard and let things flow. You just can't force love.

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That was a good video. If you're interested in similar fare, I recommend the book Expect a Miracle. It explains these concepts indepth and has various meditations and exercises. I have found it very helpful in learning to chill out and go with the flow of the universe with full faith that God wants what is best for me, if I only I stop insisting otherwise


There is a line in it about how when one door closes, another opens, BUT that there is often this dark hallway inbetween and we don't know how long we will have to go until the next door appears. That can be frustrating and is the time when many of us lose hope and start to sabotage ourselves by going backwards or trying to force a door open and slamming into walls instead, or just sitting down and refusing to budge. Instead we should move forward with our lives and inner work (spirituality) and have faith that this door will appear at the right time and in the right way.

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