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Friend zoned him for too long


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Just wondering is there a point where it's too late to try with a guy who you've friend zoned in the past? I'm falling for one of my very good friends who i previously only saw as a friend.. I feel like he was interested in me before but now it seems like he's not anymore! Is there a chance that there could still be something there if i try or is it more likely he just doesn't care anymore and has given up on me now..


Also.. any advice to show him I am interested if you think there is a chance? thanks!

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He probably just gave up and moved on when he wasn't getting anywhere, but if he was into you before chances are you can get that spark going again pretty easily. There's no need for some grand declaration that you were wrong in the past and now want more; just ask him out on a date, and make it clear that's what it is.


It may not work out. You may only be interested now that he no longer is, and if he shows interest again you'll lose your attraction. Or he may have completely closed himself off to you. But it's worth a shot. Good luck.

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I wouldn't make any huge declarations as Krankor said...you will only make big expectations and right now neither of you even know if you will work at all.


Ask to hang out sometime, see if he is interested, he might not be, or he might have friend zoned you as well.


All you can do is ask but keep your expectations lower right now instead of jumping in head first thinking it's definitely going to be something great, you don't know and it will become too forced.

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It depends on why you friendzoned him and how and why you are suddenly interested. Did you recently break up with someone?


Why the sudden interest? Was he interested as in asking you out or did you just believe he was in your interpretation?


Invite him out one-on-one and see if he accepts that's he only way to tell. But if you are rebounding and he knows this expect a cool response.

I'm falling for one of my very good friends who i previously only saw as a friend.. I feel like he was interested in me before but now it seems like he's not anymore!
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I like Wiseman2's comment "depends on why you friendzoned him in the first place". That is telling of what future relationship could exist at this point.


Sounds like he is over you and given up from the past friendzoning.

Know that he won't trust your advances that you want to be more than friends at first.

Suggest a date that is something a little more "couple-like" and see his reaction.

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I think it's never too late.


Also, it is important to think to think of people and our opinions and feelings as fluid; we are dynamic creatures. As we grow our feelings change. Yours did.


He cared before and you friend zoned him. Out of respect for you both and self preservation, he has shut the door on a romantic interest. If you serious about opening that door, 1. Check your motivations and make sure you are stable and responsible, 2. Consider his emotional needs as you understand them, and 3. Make a plan.


What sort of plan?


Rather than a date, I would prefer a plan that gives him time to absorb and adjust. Maybe leave him a message every morning, at first simple Good morning! Repeat, repeat, repeat. Make sure he is aware that you are home enjoying time alone, with friends or family. That there are no guys hanging around. Ask him for a hike or similar - not stuck in a chair staring at each other. Then bring it up.

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