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I have been seeing my ex-fiance for a handful of months now. She claims she will not be officially in a relationship with me until get a “real job” that can support a family when she herself has a complete joke of a job considering her capabilities. She will not let me work nights or weekends nor will she let me work with female clients let alone hang out with my female friends yet she is constantly having lunch and dinner dates with her male friends, going out to shows, movies and parties with her male friends, all of which are single and are obsessed with her, especially when I am at work and she is not. Her plan is to quit her current minimum wage paying job and join a cover band. I watched her daughter two nights a week for over a year while she want to band practice for a cover band that never played any shows that whole time and she ended up cheating on me with the drummer and eventually leaving me for him. I had just gotten our family into a new house a couple months prior. I have paranoid schizophrenia. I had never been cheated on. I tried to live it out for as long as I could but three weeks later my symptoms got so bad I made a serious attempt to end my life. I hadn’t talked to my ex-fiance in a while and I texted her “goodbye” after downing a couple large handfuls of really strong painkillers and almost half a bottle of hard alcohol. Then I just sat on the couch and fell asleep. My ex-fiance got a really bad feeling later that night when I wouldn’t answer my phone and called the police, who broke down my front door and shocked me back into life in my living room cuz I had no heart rate. When I got to the hospital I was still unconscious with a blood alcohol level of 0.34. A LOT of spiritual stuff happened in between that I won’t even get into in this post. I did receptor damage to my brain where I feel drunk or intoxicated all the time even now, 6 months later. I started a new high paying job in my field a week after the suicide attempt to ensure I could keep “our” house. Now I have a handful of jobs in my field, I’m making a ton of money and everything is spiderwebbing into so many opportunities for more work because of my capabilities with doing the work itself but all of it is discredited to her due to the industry. She thinks it is too hard for most people to sustain a livable income in the line of work I do. All I want to do is come home to her and her daughter living here again. I bring her coffee almost every morning because she loves the coffee I make and it brightens her day. I bring her laundry to the house and have it all done and back to her the next day.


Everything she asks me to do I do plus so much more that I just do for her and her daughter on my own and I do it because I want to. I love her. She has accused me of “keeping my options open” in the time that we have been seeing eachother again simply due to old clients of mine that are female “liking’ pictures of mine on social media, yet she refuses be friends with me on social media and all of her accounts are private. My gut tells me that she is trying to start relationships with other guys and that is why she is accusing me of keeping my options open when she should know damn well I am all about her and her alone. I had never been engaged to anyone in the past and when she betrayed me so hard core I knew I couldn’t live with it. Now things are sort of coming together again but her forcing me to get some minimum wage job before we can be in an official relationship hurts. My work history is amazing but my actual employment history sucks due to being self-employed for so long and

doing so much freelance work. Now I have 4 legit taxpaying positions as well as rocking my freelance work, she still throws me under the wheels of the bus, she still seemingly sees other guys. I wish someone would talk some sense into her and let her know that I am a very hard worker no matter what career I need to fulfill, I am an amazing father figure to her daughter who sees me to be her dad over anyone in the world, and I will continue to be a prince to this woman I am crazy in love with for the rest of my life and continue to up my game with being charming and helpful exponentially every day. I love her. I am trying to get a part time day job just to please her but I have been fired by a lot of jobs in the distant past due to having serious mental breakdowns that involved armed police officers and ambulances. I’ve applied to over 60 jobs online, most don’t respond, some ask for a background check and then stop responding after, which is why I have worked so hard to become useful in the field I am in now. I will keep trying to get a job, but what does anyone think about this situation? What would you say to her about the situation? Or what does anyone have to say to me about it???

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Haven't you caught on that nothing you do will be good enough for her? She is playing you so bad right now. You get a better paying job, it's not in the right industry. You will get a lower paying day job and she'll complain about the lack of money. She is using you because you are a doormat for her. She likes the free housing, coffee, laundry service, etc. but she doesn't like you. She has no respect for you. This is not love. I mean she cheated on you!! She quit a job to pretend to be in a band?? She's the irresponsible one not you.


Leave this woman behind and keep moving forward with your career. She is not a nice person, she's just messing with you because she likes having you as her lapdog.


Open your eyes. She doesn't love you and no matter what you change she still will not want to be with you.


The question is why are you so desperate to be with a woman who treats you like garbage??

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She does not care about, or respect you! She treats you like garbage, but you allow it. Stop with the coffee, laundry and everything else.


She has cheated on you, is controlling, emotionally abusive and a bully! You must not ALLOW this any longer!


You should be proud of yourself regarding your professional achievements. No matter what you do, she will tear you down, because she is cruel and does not respect you.


Do you have family or friends that can support you in getting away from this monster? If someone has pushed you to suicide, that should be a huge red flag that they should NOT be in your life. You can choose to happy, or continue with being treated like sh*t!

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