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Trying to understand what he wants and figure out what to do


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So I met a guy at a course and I felt like we clicked right away. He gave me all the signs that he’s interested, such as coming to talk to me every break from class out of other people in the group, looking straight into my eyes and leaning in when we spoke, he texted me a few times and every time on the way home when we parted ways he gave me a very embracive hug, and I mean very, and a kiss on the cheek, which he didn’t to with my other girl friends who were there. Generally he was very flirty, commented things like we were a good match or that ot was a sign that we were both planning to visit the same place abroad. The course consisted of only a few classes, and when it ended he said I’d see him again, he was very confident about it. But then I heard nothing from him. I texted him after a week and he responded and was very nice and flirty, sending kisses emojis and stuff, but we didn’t chat for long and since then he didn’t initiate anything. Two weeks later I ran into him in a complete coinsidence and he seemed happy to see me, offered to walk me where I was heading despite it being the opposite direction he was heading, and when we parted ways he did the hug and the kiss thing, and said “text me every once in a while, let me know what’s up”. Why act that way with me but never make an effort to stay in touch? Any ideas if he meant what he said? Did he really want me to text him?




In case this matters- I didnt text him and a week later I ran into him AGAIN. But this time he was less enthusiastic and a little distant and I wondered if it  had something to do with the fact I didn't text. Maybe he really expected me to?


Lastly, there's something I wish I could say to him:


"Hey, so listen, I honestly dont know whats going on now but I wanted to say, we may have not talked a lot and we dont really know each other, but from the conversations we did have I gathered I kinda liked you. We didnt keep in touch and so I figured it was probably not mutual, but Im also a little confused by your attitude toward me, youve sent some mixed signals. So I'm coming to you knowing you can never really read a person and know how they saw things. If by any chance you felt there was something there too, and think that it's worth a try, Id love to give it one and maybe we could get together some time.

If I just got the whole situation wrong, that's completely fine and we can friendly say our goodbyes.

Either way, it was nice meeting you "




Do you think it may have all been a misunderstanding and he could be interested? Is it a good idea to send this to him? Please help.

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It sounds like he's just being friendly. Does he have a gf? No do not text him a "relationship talk" because not only are you not in a relationship, he never asked you on a date. He's not confusing you, he's just being friendly.

said “text me every once in a while, let me know what’s up”. Do you think it may have all been a misunderstanding and he could be interested? Is it a good idea to send this to him?
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Don't send the message!

What are his actions telling you?


That's your answer. You don't need to grill a guy that has done nothing more than flirt with you.

You haven't even been on a date and he's giving you mixed messages.


Mixed messages mean - unavailable.

That's all you need to know.

Whenever you find yourself confused by someone's behavior like this. . All you need to know is they aren't the one for you.

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Do not send message.


If you are intent on testing his interest, just ask him out.


To me, he sounds like all talk no action. Who knows why, maybe he has a gf, or he thinks he cant afford to date properly, or he is only into things that dont require him to be responsible.


Its a way of transferring the risk and responsibility to you. Do you want that? Id drop him. He told you to keep in touch, like its on you. Not, "lets keep in touch." Im thinking " Yeah, whatever."

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I thought it meant auto-correct went a bit kaplooey and the poster didn't bother to read and edit the post before submitting.


In all seriousness, it's HTML (hyper text markup language), which tells the computer how to display the type. On blog sites you can often switch between the text as it appears and the same message in HTML. Sometimes it's only possible to edit certain things in HTML.

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