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Well I'm putting myself back out there again lol


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So I decided my last date wouldn't get me jaded. Oh, he stopped coming over to the house and finally moved on. I may not be jaded but I'm being more cautious. There were red flags I wanted to ignore with the other guy which was stupid.


This guy I'm meeting off Match this Saturday, so far, so good. I won't know until I see him a couple of times and gage my intuition to give out my home address so he can come over.


I also don't want to rush things and assume we will be boyfriend and girlfriend right off the bat after two dates like I did last time.


I mean if we become a couple right away that's fine and if not and it takes time to develop that's okay too.


I just want a normal guy to date! One that isn't a creep and narcissistic or stalking. lol is that too much to ask?


So yeah any red flag I pull away fast.


We are meeting in a public place at a Greek Restaurant.



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I had this idea, although I have yet to do it, but I still think it is a good one, that online dating should be balanced out with some more traditional ways of meeting people (people who may including the next lover, or a friend who introduces you to the next lover), like taking up new social hobbies or classes in something. Just so you have some excellent hobby type things to fortify you against the inevitable mismatches. Good luuuck, happy people meeting, keep them expectations low (of finding someone I mean, not of what is good to want from a person, red flag detection is still imperative).

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