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Not sure if we broke up or not


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My boyfriend is convinced that I still have feelings for my ex, (ex is his roommate and my friend now). I was mad at the now friend for trying to hit on my sister because I don't like guys I know trying to hit on my siblings.


My ex thought that my anger meant I still liked my ex but I was actually being protective of my sister. He said "I'm done and I can't take it anymore". He hasn't been responding to my messages so I'm not sure if he actually broke up with me.


I tried to explain to my boyfriend how I felt about him and why it didn't work out with the ex. And how he doesn't have anything to worry about. My friends keep telling me to give him time but I feel like it's over.


It's been 2 days now.


What do you think? Is it over?

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Just to get this straight. You got into a relationship with your ex's roommate?? And then you complained that he hit on your sister? That's like calling the kettle black. Sounds like you enjoy drama and got your wish. I think that the whole situation is too messy for any good to come out of it. It sounds like you can consider yourself single. Unless, there is a third roommate to go for... Seriously though, ex's current roommates would be considered a no no for most people . Too much drama.

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