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Can't breake up with my boyfriend.

Alone soul

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Hi everyone. I have a boy friend from 6 months and things doesn't work. Since January we fight every single day.. i'm not happy anymore, because he is so possessiv and jealous.. i tried to broke up with him, but he is telling me that he is going to kill himself. I belive that he is crazy enough to do that... he is paranoid and he over thinks. He is stressing me every day with the fact that i'll cheat on him and i'll be with another guy... He doesn't want to let me move on... he is manipulating me with suicide, for sex. I don't know how much i'll resist like that... please, i really need some help.

Thank you.

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he is manipulating me with suicide, for sex.


You're not his therapist, and making your life a living hell in order to accommodate him isn't going to help you or him. His threats of suicide may or may not be real, but you're not responsible for his choices. You never were. You are, however, responsible for your own choices. Choose to love yourself enough to get out of a bad situation.


Allowing toxic people to manipulate you will only lead to pain.

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Please contact your local law enforcement agency and alert them that he is threatening to self harm. There is nothing you can do to help him at this point and it's outrageous that he's trying to compel you to do as he demands by using this abusive, in my estimation, not merely manipulative tactic. Protect yourself.

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