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Think my best friend is catching feelings. She is my FWB too


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Ok so i started seeing this girl a while ago. not my best friend which i will talk about later but her friend. I work with both of them. I know bad idea blah blah but im in the fray now so... Anyway me and the first girl didnt work out i was not feeling it so i ended it. During this time me and my now best friend became close i went to her for advice often and we started going for food a couple nights a week and then it turned into every night in the week and we started talking and getting to know each other and we have a lot in common. So we clicked and for a while we were both adamant about being friends and remaining friends out of respect for the former girl i was seeing. Eventually however we both came to the conclusion that we only have to lookout for ourselves and what makes us happy. so we carry on hanging out often and whenever we can. ive met here family they like me we have spent hours at her house together so i know the family well. One night we were out and we started getting "handsy" and lets just say that escalated into something else. We both talked about it after and decided we wanted to keep it going and even now all is going well. the most recent time we were together she said something in which i responded "are you 5?" and she said well if i am that means ur dating a 5 year old. We initially agreed on being FWB's. It caught me by surprise and i kinda just brushed it off. To me being FWBs doesn't constituted as dating and i think that's common knowledge. Im not against the idea at all actually im all for it to be perfectly honest. But idk if she truly feels that way or she just said it by accident and didn't mean it. We had another conversation tonight and she hinted at it once again although indirectly. Honestly im looking for closure and looking for others opinions on what you think she means because i want to act on it but i need to be sure. obviously ive left details out but this is the best i can do in regards to explaining my sitch. Thanks for any help.

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I had the same curiosity.


OP, I think that she chose the word dating unthinking in an off the cuff retort rather than name what you're doing accurately and say something exceptionally crass as a joke.


Seems like you are looking for straws at which to grasp, to me. Why not ask her out, properly, then?

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