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Why Did my Ex Block and Unblock Me?


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My ex and I have been split up for about two years now. It was a high school relationship, so needless to say, it wasn't amazing. We are both still in high school, and even have some classes together.


He and I dated for a month before he ended things, but we continued to speak and I had feelings for him for the better part of a year. I feel that he lead me on a bit, as he would ask about me and plan dates but always back out last second.


Eventually, the relationship took a sexual turn. This strictly sexual "relationship" ended in early May of 2016, a year and a half after he had broken up with me. When I cut ties with him, he had a girlfriend that he had been dating for about six months.


School let out for the summer and we had no contact for months. When school began, we had three classes together and I had to see him everyday. This wasn't necessarily an issue, though. We sat on opposite sides of the room and haven't spoken in person.


My friends are also friends with him and sometimes tell me things about his relationship that he goes out of his way to tell them when, admittedly, he isn't even as close to my friends as he used to be. So is he saying things hoping for them to get back to me?


Also, in December 2016, after having not spoken since May of the same year, he blocked me on Facebook although there was no reason. We weren't friends, nothing had changed between us.


I originally thought maybe his girlfriend had found out and encouraged him to block me, but I decided I was done with the situation and blocked him so I wouldn't have to question it.


About two weeks ago, I decided to delete Facebook. Not my account, but the app. And I don't have a computer so I had no way to access the site. However, three days or so ago, I redownloaded it and decided to unblock him, wondering if he'd unblocked me. I knew it was a long shot, but I typed his name in and he came up.


Once again, nothing has changed between us. He still has the same girlfriend (they've been dating for over a year now) and we haven't spoken. I was only blocked for about two months.


What was the point of blocking me or unblocking me? Was there some reason behind it? Especially since he has a girlfriend?

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Who knows? Maybe he blocked you because he was trying to stop cheating on his girlfriend, and unblocked you when he felt strong enough to withstand the temptation. I think the important thing here is that you recognize that nothing good can come from continued contact with him, through social media or otherwise.

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Who cares... he is an X. He can do whatever he wants to do and leads me to ask... why are you still following him on FB.


If you want my guess as to why he unblocked you (if you must know) he is 100% completely over you and no longer feels the need to block you.

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