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My phone died and he's upset that I couldn't message him

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This is a red flag, OP.


It's ridiculous that you are apologizing "profusely" for a dead battery. Come on. Is he your Dad? Your warden? He's obviously displayed this type of controlling behaviour before or you wouldn't be jumping over yourself to try to detail where and when you go out, charge your phone, apologize repeatedly and so on. This isn't normal.


The dynamic between you two is very troubling, especially considering you've only met in person twice. He is being controlling and manipulative, and at his age especially, it's alarming. You need to be careful here. He's already holding you emotional hostage for his insecurities, and you live in another country. Not good. Speaking from experience, that doesn't get better if you spend more time together. Usually the opposite.


I would strongly advise you to re-think this situation/relationship. It doesn't sound healthy at all. Take it from those of us who've had the misfortune of dating men like him and can spot the warning signs more easily.

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