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Keeping long distance communication flowing?


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First off, I'm not really sure what kind of situation we're in. We met on Tinder (a modern love story?? lol) like, 8 months ago I guess. We talked a bit back and forth then but it petered out due to no real opportunities for meeting (she's a good 3-4 hours away most of the time [college student]), but one night when I'd been out for a few jars, I got home and decided to get in touch with her again because we seemed to get on well. I was going to her college city for a long weekend (I used to live there myself so I go back every so often to see old friends) so I suggested we meet up, and meet up we did, we had an enjoyable date. And again the following weekend as I was there again for a friend's birthday.


That was just over a month ago and we've been talking through text nearly every day since. I was back in the city two weekends past for yet another birthday party (I'm not as cool and popular as this is making me sound honest lol), we had originally planned to go together but she was busy with work and a college project, which is obviously fine. Again, still been talking nearly every day since then, until about 4 days ago she just stopped replying. Now, I know that she is rather shy, and I'm shy to an extent as well. What we had(?) was mostly just fun I guess (we had sex both times we met I'll be honest) but I don't like leaving things on abrupt endings like that. Right now I'm just not really sure how to re-initiate conversation to find out where we're at, if anywhere, because 1) I know how shy she is and don't wanna "scare" her and 2) I have become rather terrified of commitment in recent years (though I don't want to be) and am quite frankly a bit scared of what the answer will be. One part of me wants to continue just having pleasant dates and fun, another part of me would like it to progress to more than that, and another wouldn't really mind if she were to say "I think our fun has run its course."


I don't know guys, a big rambly mess as always but sometimes you just need to try and get it out into words, y'know? Hopefully someone out there can make sense of my ramblings lol x

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Just text "I'll be up on xyz weekend and would love to get together". Then wait for a response.


That was my initial thought too but it'll be another 3-4 weeks before I get down there again and don't really wanna jump the gun, you know?


You mentioned that she stopped replying.

How many attempts have gone unanswered?


Lol, 3. And we weren't talking about anything in particular, just goofing around. When I write it down here, it doesn't seem much at all, but in my mind, more than around 3 attempts at a conversation in less than a week just makes me feel like I'm being pushy and annoying?

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