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Three Month After BU -Rebound Relationship?

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I have a friend (woman) we know each other for years as we used to work together. Well, She been flirting with me lately and want us to go out together. I always come up with an excuse, idk why. Although I do have the desire to go out and have fun, I dont feel the "push" yet. She knows about my ex and shes going through the same process- so she knows she'll be a rebound. But Im not a fan of "rebound relationships" but do feel that I need some type of entertainment to get my ex out my mind. Is my first time staying single for so long as I want to improve myself. But at the same time I'm starting to miss the company of a woman.



Another thing is that I want to concentrate on paying my loans (Last time I went clubbing was in December- when I was in pain chasing my ex) I did go out to the movies, cafe, local places. But this girl wants to go out have some drinks . I don't mind going out for a few drinks, but she mentioned that she only like going VIP at clubs. I don't know if she was j/k. What I do know is that this time, I'm not afraid to tell a woman that my goals are far away from overspending (ex. buying bottles)


I don't want a rebound to intervene in my goals. I don't want to jeopardize my progress.


I'm not overthinking this. I just want you guys to share your experience and also help me in my way of seeing this.


Any advice?

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