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My faraway, dear one,


you're fading from my mind


as long as I'm active, busy, creating,


content with what life gave me.


I can go through a day, two days,


a week even- without your name


drifting though my consciousness.


I rejoice in the one who loves me,


Comforting, committed, familial.




Though every so often,


I hear of that state on a map- yours,


that place only two days of a drive,


and it pulls me back to longing.


Sometimes it's a glance at the sky,


knowing that your time zone


is one hour from mine,


and you're seeing darkness


while I watch the sunset.




Sometimes it's a name- yours,


hers, the child's, your town's.


A song I frequently heard,


during the times I ached for you.


I've moved on, sweet one.


It's okay, keep living your life.


I'll always be here,


Your 'someday' friend,


whose soul loves yours.


Eternally, forever.

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