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Today I was feeling awfull and decided to check on my exes social media.


I found out that she moved (far) away. Something she always wanted,to a city we both wanted to go.


Part of me was happy for her, but on the other side for some reason it hurt me like hell. It hurts because now I realize there is no way for us. Something I should have realized a year ago.


It's been so long since our breakup,and I dont understand why it's taking me so long to move on.


All the dates and everything else dont help a bit. It seems like I'm stuck and cannot move forward.


How can I get myself out of this?

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1) Stop looking at her social media! There's no way you could have thought looking would make you feel better.

2) What are you doing differently since the breakup? Are you immersing yourself in things that interest you?

First time I checked in last 8 months. I honestly dont know what made me do it, but I just kept thinking about her for a whole day. Couldnt keep my mind off of her.



I changed my life completely since break up. I volunteer, I'm in search of a job and I'm preparing to start my mini buisness once I can afford the investment.


I've been on a lot of dates since the breakup and met a lot of girls. It's just either they turn out to be taken or I find some stupid flaw on them that makes me disinterested.


I dont know what I'm missing actually,just yesterday I felt great to be single. And I still feel great about being single (cant actually picture myself in relationship now). But for some reason I miss her like hell today.

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