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Am i wrong for getting annoyed when my husband complains???

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Hi good day everyone,


So my husband an i have been married for almost a year together for 7 years.


He literally never has money even when he has money it doesn't last more than two to three days and i do not really get anything for myself. He is working but where he works he can get his money everyday if he wants it and aleast three days for the week he takes his pay, if he takes it because we need it for something important i can understand that but he take it to buy cigarette, weed and beers. I always knew he was a smoker but only recently he started to drink everyday and the stress is becoming to much. December last year i lost my job when the bosses found out i was pregnant they told me they needed to cut back on employees. At over 4 months i delivered my baby prematurely because my water broke and lost all fluid but he didnt make it im still hurting over that and my husband isn't making it any easier with his vices.


We was renting but my mother-in-law told us to come live with her to save money so we stopped renting. Today he got paid she asked him for a hundred dollars which isn't bad because we were paying $1500 a month so that $100 every week really isnt a problem in my head. He got paid $250 dollars because it had two holidays this week in the country i live plus he took two days pay earlier this week. I went to church today after church he called me quarreling saying she asked him for money and he only has about $140 remaining but i got angry because he always complains about not having money but spends over $2000 on his vices for the month i am not the type of woman to really want much but we need to save to build a home because we cannot live by his mom forever and it seems like the more money it has the more he wants so money is never enough. I talk to him nicely regularly about it but today i told him plain that if he stop smoking and drinking he will have money that he always complains about never having money but spend over $2000 for the month on weed and alcohol and if anyone should be complaining is me because i cook, wash and clean up after him in a daily basis and i dont ever get anything for myself was i wrong for getting angry. Its really annoying hearing him about money when he's the main reason why we always broke. I got $600 from my mom weeks ago and i didnt spend a cent on myself however when his money finishes he would use from it and then give me back and in his head thats giving me money i currently have $300 remaining and never spent a cent on myself so i really dont understand how he could think he is giving me money when i would of have it all if i hid it as a little saving incase of emergency. I'm getting so fedup and he is always right no matter what if i tell him i'm not giving him money he gets angry i'm so sick of it. I'm trying to get more spiritual i pray everyday asking God to help him to change but sometimes he gets me so angry that i feel this marriage doesnt make sense.

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