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Understand yourself, not what happened!

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Hi guys, I'm getting so much better! I'm here to share what has helped me so far and hopefully it'll let you:


-putting it into perspective : don't overthink it too much, just imagine this happening to others, read articles and experiences of those who have survive de this traumatic experience and raised above. (Jennifer Aniston is my hero) honestly, getting others point of view might help you see things not as main character but as an observer.


- cry, but not too much. William James said: we are sad because we Cry, we don't cry because we're sad. Truly, it's okay to break down now and then as there are just stress being released but sometimes it causes the opposite effect! Crying for too long makes you feel even sadder! I wish I could back this up better but I can only speak from experience


- ted talks or any inspiring talks. This helps so much! Every time you feel like you're starting to overthink the situation, look up a "how to change your life" kinda talk. Others wisdom can be so inspiring.


-write it down. Have a special notebook where you write your feelings out but don't read it over and over again because it brings back memories and ugly feelings. Just write and write when you're emotional and then close it. It also helps if you start your writing just explaining how you feel and why but ending it on why it's not that bad and how you're gonna rise above it.


- let the memories and pain flow through you, but don't get attached to it. Sometimes, you randomly remember something good or bad. Acknowledge it, but don't dwell on it. Be like "oh hello there, I remember you, yeah. Cool, bye now."


- understand why you feel bad. What feelings are involved? If you feel rejected, what do you think that says about you as a person? Why is that not true? Figuring out how you feel and why will help you understand yourself, not the breakup. Understand where it hurts. Ex. If you feel angry, it's probably because you feel something was unfair, why do you think it was unfair? Is it really worth being angry about? Rationalize your feelings and thoughts in order to eliminate them.


Much love!

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