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In a confused State after girlfriend broke up with me...

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So a previous post of mine went into detail about my situation, but to sum it up a girlfriend of over a year broke off the relationship the day after Valentine's saying she doesn't have reciprocal feelings towards me. She said that she'll always be there for me but as a friend and that would not change until I decide not to be friends. Well all of last week, she kept wanting to hang around me. Asked if I wanted to go on walks, play Pokemon go etc. Well Thursday rolled around, and I went walking with her to get lunch, and somewhere along the way we ended up holding hands both going and coming back. It made me gain what confidence I had lost after the relationship. I had been progressively been moving on, but when the holding hands came into play it brought me back a few steps. Earlier last week she also asked if I could set a reminder for her to pay a bill as she had too many reminders. I reminded her on Friday of what she asked for, and she thanked me and told me about her night thus far. My only response was you're welcome and the conversation ended there. I was hoping for a more in depth conversation due to what happened the day before at lunch.


This week she had a job interview she was excited about and we had talked about it all week last week when we went on our walks. It was on Monday, and with how we talked about it, I decided to shoot her a message "Hey, goodluck today. Hope all goes well. I know you'll do well!" Which I didn't receive a text back until hours later saying "Thank you sir 😊" since then we haven't spoken. I feel a distance between us again.


I know a break up is a hard, and if it bothers a person to the point where they're questioning the whole thing may be you should just step back, and worry about your own life until the party reaches out to you again. In this situation she reached out to me the whole of last week, and now this week I'm in the dark. She called off the relationship, but her actions last week gave off false feelings that have me questioning the whole thing. It's hard to put the pieces together, and to know what to do from here.

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Unfortunately she's acting like just a friend. If it bothers you or you feel strung along, you'll have to go no contact so she can miss you and respect you.


That's what I was afraid of. How would that be accomplished when both parties work at the same organization within the same department may I ask?

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Act professional like colleagues, not friends holding hands, having lunch, etc.


Gotcha, which I knew was the answer. I felt as if the situation was scabbing up then when she went to hold my hand it ripped open the scab. But I have been trying to act professional, I will continue down that path. Thanks for the advice.

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