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After 26 years I'm divorced. I'm not a happy guy.

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It was good early but then my ex wife cheated. Many years of up and down followed. I didn't ever leave to give my my boys time to get a little older.


Finally she cheated again and I did leave. The boys were grown.


I loved her.


But anyways, no I've not dated.

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Sorry your wife didn't do the right thing in your marriage. I am dating a man who was in a long-term marriage like yourself. You need a spark in your life and something to look forward to - like a nice lady. Perhaps if you give it a try you may find happiness again.

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ok. Get a nice profile and some good pics up on some dating apps. Then start messaging women, then ask to meet the ones you are interested in for coffee [no pressure]. Then if you like what you see, you ask them for another date. It will help you get better and feel better. You can be a great dad, but don't forget you're a man too and you need to nourish that part of you and wanting a partner again..

no I've not dated.
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Sorry, your ex wife cheated. That is a tough ordeal..some believe that the feelings are worse than a death in the family. I would agree (been there, done that)

After a few years, I hope you have moved on and healed and are now ready to meet another woman. There are plenty of women out there looking for a great guy.



I'm really picky and the dating apps seem like meat markets. But thanks.


Some online dating sites are more geared to long term relationships, just try a number of them.

After this, if you still have no luck on those sites, try the other more personal ways to meet people....


Clubs, sports, cooking classes, travel clubs, church groups, etc. Even if you have two left feet, dancing classes is a great way to meet single ladies.

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I know how you're feeling. How do you move after what feels like a lifetime? I was with a cheater, too. It sucks. You love that person and can't imagine doing anything to hurt him (or her, in your case). I'm not into the dating app's either. The only advice I can offer is to spend time doing things that make you happy. I know it might seem like nothing makes you happy right now, but try to find one or two things, even if it's something small. Also, try to take a walk and get some sunshine every day. That always seems to do a world of good.

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Pete.. I think a trip to see a counselor would be a huge benefit to you. Lots of feelings that need to be sorted out and I think it would help you tremendously..


Know a few things.. you are going to be okay, you are going to be happy again... but happiness doesnt happen without your help. If you want to be happy, you are going to have to do what is needed to make that happen. I wouldnt worry about dating. Focus should be on you and the kids.

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