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So you're dating him but he's sleeping with a married woman?

If that's the case the best thing you can do is stay out of it and lose this guy. No one wants a known cheater (or home wrecker) who has loose morals like that. But it's not your place to be getting involved or telling anyone anything, even though I can understand the temptation to.

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So then you don't have to be worried about being with a man who has poor morals, good for you!! But as for what he's doing with this married woman, that's his problem to deal with. Both of them are wrong and both are doing wrong. But it's best that you step away from that mess and move forward with your life and not look back, they will both create their own karma and misery.

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When i was 24 i was dating a guy who was sleeping with his bet friend's girlfriend, Linda. The best friend was going to propose to her but i found out that my ex-boyfriend and Linda were sleeping together. My ex and i had a huge row, he wouldn't stop seeing her; he kept saying that they were just friends but she lived right next door to my one of my good friends. My good friend would call me up and tell me that she'd just seen my ex-boyfriend coming out of Linda's house, it would be late, 11pm, sometimes around 1am in the morning. My ex would say he was watching over her, that his best friend asked him to. Till 1am in the morning? Sure!


Finally, i'd had enough, after another big row i announced that i was going to tell his best friend. Well, both my ex and Linda beat me to it. They went and told the best friend that i was crazy and obsessive (the usual stuff). The best friend believed me because unbeknownst to me, my ex-boyfriend had a bad habit of sleeping with his friend's girlfriends. He had lost a lot good friends as a result of it.


I would tell the husband but don't tell your boyfriend that you're going to do it, just do it.He deserves to know that his wife is not faithful and could be exposing him to STDs.

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The only person to contact is this guy telling him it's over. Acting like the jealous vengeful gf and scorned woman won't help you move forward, nor end his affair.

If you discovered that the person you are seeing is sleeping with a married woman would you consider contacting her husband about it?
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